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Files 4 Fun BBS Hobbies Area:

=>Main Area<=

3D Printing : All things related to 3D Printing (Resin/Filament/etc.)

3D Rendering : All things 3D Graphic Rendering (includes DAZ3D, POSER and Renderosity)

Collectables : Anything that you collect - let's see them!

Crafting : All things Silhouette (crafting machines)

Expoxy Resin : Making Various Epoxy Resin Items

GMRS : Public Radio Chit-Chat

Lasers : Etching/Cutting/Engraving

Microcontrollers : Raspberry Pi/Arduino/Pine64 - it all fits here!

Outdoor Life : Everything from Camping, to BBQing, to 4-Wheelin' (and everything in between!)

RC Modeling : from DJI to TRAXXAS (and everything in between)

Role Playing Games : All things RPG