Start with a 2004 2500 HD Silverado:

- Add a Kenne Bell supercharger

- Debadge and Update exterior images with satin vinyl

- Update engine bay with red and black Plasti Dip

- Update interior lighting with customized LEDs

- Update interior with Plasti Dip accents on the dash and door panels

- Plasti Dip lower front bumper cover

- Plasti Dip Grill and Bowtie

- Install custom "Supercharged" decals within body molding

- Program with DiabloSport inTune I1000

Stock exhaust is pretty beefy and sounds good with the 2500 HD series - However, I'd like to update to midlength headers if I can locate a proper set to match the engine setup and tune. Then look at updating the muffler as needed to obtain the same back pressure to match the intake and tune


  New Engine Cover Badge: Gloss Red/Gloss Black/Gloss White
  New Side Pillar Badges: Gloss Black on Painted Body
  New Tailgate Badge: Chrome/Gloss Red/Gloss Black





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